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Tonya Crooks is a true artist with an unwavering passion for beauty that has grown into a mission – to make every eyebrow flawless. Known by her celebrity and industry following as ‘The Brow Gal,’ Tonya’s keen eye developed at a young age and burgeoned early into a career. Following her dreams, she studied fine arts at The Royal Academy of Art in London where she learned the skills and habits of a classically trained, fine artist with a particular propensity toward color.

This creative path led to a developed interest in the mastery of personal beauty, prompting her to expand her services beyond sketching and painting into the fashion world as a makeup expert on photo shoots. Tonya’s ability for treating each face as a uniquely blank canvas was quickly noticed and created steady demand from talent and colleagues for her services on and off the set. By applying her unique background in fine arts to cosmetic techniques, she garnered a reputation for perfection and precision that has lasted for more than a decade.

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Tonya Crooks
The Original BrowGal

I’m Tonya… a classically trained makeup artist,  brow expert, the founder of global beauty brand The BrowGal™, a student of life and here to inspire the crap out of you. Welcome to my world.

Tonya Crooks The BrowGal

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Loyally Trusted By Hollywood's most Adored ( and Famous ) Faces

Tonya Crooks Celebrity Eyebrows

“I have really coarse wiry brow hairs and Tonya manages to tame them. And the espresso brow pencil helps define and add density to the outer tails where my brows had previously been over plucked as a teenager without being too opaque like some other brow pencils. “